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Haylage Fork & Grab

Attachments for special and agricultural machinery.

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Since 2018 years
Basic steel S355


For telehandlers
For wheel loaders
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Technical specifications
Width 2200 mm
Height 980 mm
Depth 1400 mm
Weight 689 kg


Haylage Fork & Grab "A.TOM" it is attachment for collecting, moving, loading and unloading hay, also is used for storing pressed hay in rolls.

The advantage of such attachment is a wide grab and quick connection to the machinery.

The design of the forks is made of high-quality materials (steel S355), that provides high-quality work with loads up to 2 tons. Powerful forged teeth firmly holds the hay, and their close mounting prevents the material dispersion. Also are available replaceable pikes of necessary size. The upper part of the grab opens and closes with two hydraulic cylinders.

You can buy a manure or hay grab calling our sales managers. Always available a wide range of attachments for any work.