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Since 2018
Basic steel S355
For telehandlersFor wheel loaders

Manure fork - А.ТОМ 5000. The advantage of such attachment is a wide grab and quick connection to the machinery.

The design of the forks is made of high-quality materials (steel S355), that provide high-quality work with loads up to 2 tons. Forged teeth firmly hold the hay, and their close mounting prevents the material dispersion. The upper part of the grab opens and closes with two hydraulic cylinders.

You can buy a manure fork by calling our sales managers. Always available a wide range of attachments for any work.

Main characteristics Manure fork - А.ТОМ 5000

Width2200 mm
Height980 mm
Depth1400 mm
Weight689 kg


Video Manure fork - А.ТОМ 5000

Manure fork - А.ТОМ 5000Manure fork - А.ТОМ 5000
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