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Manure, muck spreader - А.ТОМ 24
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Manure, muck spreader - А.ТОМ 24
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Manure spreader: operation and advantages

Manure spreader: operation and advantages Manure spreader: operation and advantages Manure spreader: operation and advantages Manure spreader: operation and advantages

The manure spreader is necessary equipment for enriching the soil with nutrients. The main purpose of such equipment is to apply organics such as chicken manure, compost, lime, chalk, defecate, and any other organic fertilizers to the soil. Characterized by high loading capacity, the possibility of adjusting the width of spreading and controls the norms of application.

The use of modern manure spreaders provides:

  • increase productivity;
  • high-quality and uniform application of fertilizers;
  • increasing of fertile soils;
  • enrichment of the soil with nutrients;
  • increasing yields while reducing the cost of fertilizers.

Manure spreader A.TOM MS24: design features

The main design elements of the spreader are a three-axle chassis and body. The all-welded body is made of S355 sheet steel and rolled profiles. The bottom of the body is equipped with a two-row conveyor using heavy-duty chains. The conveyor is driven by a hydraulic drive that feeds the spreading material into three horizontal crushing beaters and spreading plates with three or six plates of wear-resistant steel located in the rear part of the body. The hydraulically adjustable tail board in the semi-open position allows to control the width of the spreading, and in the closed position - to transport loose, viscous, and dense materials.

The trailed manure spreader is equipped with a system of working bodies protection. 

The body is installed on the universal three-axle chassis, for transportation of weight up to 30 tons. A system of interchangeable bodies ensures the operation of chassis throughout the year. On the same chassis instead of the spreader body could be installed the body for transportation of grain, and silage, the trailer for transportation of bales, and a tank for liquid fertilizers.

Chassis has front and rear rotating axles. The rear axle is locked when the spreader is reversing. The basic configuration includes a hydraulic brake system, which can optionally be replaced by a pneumatic one. Also, the manure spreader has a hydraulically adjustable drawbar.

A.TOM MS24 manure spreader has the following advantages:

  • The body and the frame of the spreader are made of structural steel from European production brand S355 JR.
  • The lightweight and wide tires (BKT 560/60 R22.5) help to reduce the pressure on the ground.
  • Possibility of aggregation and effective work with tractors (170-250 hp). The spreading drive works with the help of a cardan shaft from the PTO, and the conveyor - from the hydraulic drive, without requiring significant tractor power.
  • Universal chassis for the interchangeable body system.
  • Crushing beaters, knives, and spreading plates made of high-strength wear-resistant steel Hardox (Sweden).
  • Uniform application of organic fertilizers (compost) with a given application rate for a width of up to 25 m.
  • Ability to adjust application rates from 1 t / ha to 80 t / ha.
  • High productivity: cattle manure - 50 ha / day, chicken manure - 60-80 ha / day, defecate - 35-45 ha / day.
  • Durable powder coating.

The design of the manure spreader includes high-quality imported components:

  • Axles and springs carry a load up to 46 tons "ADR" (Germany).
  • «SISP» reducers (France).
  • Hydraulic motor "Danfoss" (Germany).
  • Coupling device "Schwarzmuller" (Germany).
  • "Timken" bearings (Germany).
  • Lighting and optics "Horpol" (Poland).
  • «Domar» mudguards (Italy)

An important feature of the manure spreader is the electro-hydraulic control of the conveyor, which provides convenient adjustment of its speed directly from the tractor with the help of an ergonomic control panel. The new version of the control panel is equipped with electronic overload protection. 

A.TOM MS24 manure spreader has been tested in the Ukrainian fields. All our products are certified. We also provide the start-up of the equipment and train your operator. For more detailed information, contact us via the website or call.