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A.TOM company offers high-quality and multi-functional attachments for JCB, Doosan and other brands of excavators. Universal attachments helps to improve the performance and efficiency of any work.

You can use your excavators with non-standard attachments. Manufacturers produce special interchangeable elements that can be quickly mounted and dismantled if necessary.

Scope of application

A standard bucket for an excavator can be replaced, for example, with a stump puller, and you can use machinery to uproot stumps and trees. Existing types of attachments will turn your excavator into a “universal machinery” that can be used for:

- construction work;

- uprooting;

- destruction of asphalt-concrete coatings;

- loading and unloading operations with bulk materials;

- snow removal;

- cleaning garbage, leaves, construction waste;

- leveling gravel for asphalt laying;

- digging holes, and construction trenches;

- transportation of logs and poles;

We offer high-quality equipment that has been certified in Ukraine and could be used for severe operating conditions.

All components for excavators meet GOST standards and requirements, attachments are compatible with all popular models of domestic and foreign machinery. For all questions, you can always get expert help from the company's sales managers. We provide warranty and after-sales service.