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Manure application systems

A drag hose/umbilical system is the most effective and economical solution for applying manure. The manure is transported over considerable distances, directly from the lagoon.

Drag hose/umbilical system includes:

- Lagoon mixing pumps. It is used for mixing liquid manure, avoiding its separation into solid and liquid fractions. In addition, the mixer has a discharge pipe designed for pumping out manure.

- Pump-diesel station. Equipped with a pump designed for working with manure. The pump is equipped with a grinder. A high-power pump has a diesel internal combustion engine. Low-power pumps are connected to the tractor's power take-off shaft.

- Hose system. Consists of the main hose, hose reel, and an injector or manure sprayer.

In Ukraine, high-quality and efficient equipment for the application of organic fertilizers is made by A.TOM company. Our equipment meets all international standards and has the best price.