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Since 2022
Basic steel S355
Manure (slurry) applicators

Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR — is the equipment for applying liquid organic fertilizers, which is used at the final stage of disposal of the manure liquid fraction from the biogas unit using the technology of hose systems, in which the applied material is pumped from the storage site by pump-diesel stations. According to the type of application, applicators can be for soil and subsoil application.

Main characteristics Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR

Technical specification
Number of working bodies7 
The distance between the working bodies78cm
Total width4,94m
Application depthдо 15cm
Overall weight2500kg
Required power / 1 work. body25hp
Intake pipe diameter152mm
Working bodies diameter70mm
Auto reset to working position
1-1 / 4 "Х 2" 5160 alloy steel slurry injector
22 1/2 diameter coulter
Cast steel Chisel Point Sweeps
Wing drop 3 in.
Separately replaceable sweeps and tubes

Video Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR

Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
More information
1. Robust design
The operating conditions of the manure applicator require sufficient durability and robust design. Equipment is made of high-quality S355 J2 structural steel and powder polymer coating as it works in an aggressive environment.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
2. Folding frame
The folding frame provides mobility and convenience during transportation. The cross-section of the bar is 150 mm x 100 mm, and the thickness is 8 mm.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
3. Stabilizing supports
Metal stabilizing supports, which are folded and unfolded, are fixed vertically with a lock pin in the unfolded position. They raise the applicator and keep it at a certain height for aggregation with the tractor. After the end of work, they fix the applicator in a stable position.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
4. Type of aggregation with a tractor
The applicator is aggregated with tractors of the third and fourth category using a three-point hitch.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
5. Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders
Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with a strong rod are used for folding and unfolding the frame.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
6. Turning pipe
A robust 152 mm reinforced swivel pipe, rotates around a vertical axis.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
7. Rubber limiter of the rotary pipe
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
8. Double swivel mechanism
The unique element of the applicator is a swing pipe with a double swivel mechanism. The device protects the towed hose and prevents the twisting of the hose with liquid under pressure.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
9. Grease zerks
For periodic greasing of oil seals and bearings in the applicator. We recommend using SAE universal grease with extreme properties (EP), Nils Nilex EP 2 plastic grease (Italy).
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
10. Hydraulic hoses "Hansa-Flex" (Germany)
Most functions of the injector applicator depend on the quality of the hydraulic system. Reliable and proven hoses from the leading European manufacturer are the best solutions for efficient operation.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
11. Liquid flow distributor with forced control "Vogelsang" (Germany)
The distribution of manure between the working tools is carried out through a liquid flow distributor with 7 outlets with a diameter of 75 mm. Pressure hoses are connected and fastened to the outlets with stainless steel clamps. The distributor is powered by a hydraulic motor.
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
12. Pressure distribution hoses "ADARA"
From the flow distributor, the liquid is delivered to the working tools through distribution hoses with a diameter of 75 mm, designed for a pressure of up to 10 Bar. We use "Adara" pressure distribution hoses from one of the best European hose manufacturers –“BrinkoflexGmbh” (Germany).
Manure (slurry) A.TOM 7DS INJECTOR
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