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Slurry applicators

Comprehensive solution to the manure utilization and processing.



The use of manure as fertilizer should include the use of a wide range of special equipment, including mixing pumps for lagoons, pumping stations, drag hose/umbilical system, and applicators.

In Ukraine, powerful and high-quality equipment for organic fertilizers is manufactured by A.TOM.

Applicators TM A.TOM

Applicator for liquid fertilizers offered by A.TOM is used at the final stage of manure transportation to the place of application. It distributes the liquid fraction evenly over the soil surface, leaving the possibility of further tilling.

Distribution of manure is carried out by spreading. This process can be compared with spray irrigation, ensuring maximum performance of the entire complex.

Unlike the deep method of fertilizer application, with the help of a cultivator, the applicator does not require the use of a high-powered tractor and is much cheaper.

Design features

A.TOM applicator consist of Dietrich shank, made of alloy steel, with nozzles placed on it, through which liquid manure is fed to steel legs, spreading fertilizer over the soil surface. The design has an automatic system that returns the shank to the working position. The fertilizer is fed to the applicator using a towed hose. The product has a total width - 4.94 meters and a weight - 2500 kilograms.

Equipment rental

A.TOM company offers a full range of equipment used for fertilizer application for rent.