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Each farmer that is engaged in animal husbandry, is faced with the problem of recycling organic waste, because both in dairy and animal farms and in pork farms in the process of producing the main products - milk and meat, appears abundance of organic waste. As a result of their washing-off from the buildings in farms, are formed drains that enter the manure stores or lagoons. This raw material is a unique and extremely valuable organic fertilizer.

For the rapid and effective application of this type of organic fertilizer, engineers of A. A.TOM company developed a comprehensive solution for pumping large volumes of drains from the lagoons, with subsequent application to the fields. The optimal solution for this problem is the hose system, which includes:

- Lagoon mixing pump "A.TOM 15" 15 m long, equipped with telescopic racks.

- Mobile pump-diesel station "A.TOM 275" with a powerful pump "Cornell 4 NHTB" with a capacity - 250 cubic meters / hour.

- The coil with strong and flexible hoses of Norwegian company "Mandals".

- Injection applicator "A.TOM Slurry Applicator 7 DS" for soil application. This unit is equipped with 7 Dietrich shanks capable of fertilizing at an adjustable depth up to 15 cm with a width - 5 meters.

- Ultrasonic flow meter "KROHNE OPTIFLUX 2300", which allows you to control the volume of application, and to take into account the total number of fertilizers.

This equipment allows you to make up to 2,600 cubic meters of liquid fertilizer per day, with minimal expenditures of special machinery resources and with minimal involvement of personnel.