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Lagoon mixing pump MPCL 950, TM «А.ТОМ»

Comprehensive solution to the manure utilization and processing.

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Since 2019 years


Lagoon mixing pump
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Technical features
Length 9,5 m
The volume of mixing from one point 10000-15000m 
Power 160-200 h.p.
Weight 1860 kg
Nozzle motion 300°
Protective frame
Height 2,15 m
Width 2,15 m
Basic materials
Hydraulic motor DANFOSS (Denmark)
Hydraulic hoses GATES (Germany)
Hydraulic valves RIV (ITALY)

The functions of mixing and pumping

Spray nozzle rotates 300 degrees.

Power 160 h.p.

Breaking the surface crust, and raising the bedding from the bottom of the lagoons.


- Overflow pipe.

- Grease pipe-line.

Mixing pump MPCL 950 TM “A.TOM” for mixing closed lagoons, and pumping out liquid manure into the barrels. Length - 9.5 m. The volume of mixing from one point is 12 000-15 000 cubic meters, works from the tractor's PTO. Power consumption is 160-200 hp, 1000 rpm. Weight 1860 kg. Galvanized construction. Rubber wheels.