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Pump-diesel stations

Comprehensive solution to the manure utilization and processing




For application the liquid organic fertilizers into the soil, agricultural enterprises use a wide range of special machinery that ensures the intake of manure from the lagoons and its delivery to the place of application into the soil.

To avoid, unreasonable transportation of fertilizers in barrels, are used hose systems. It consists of a pump-diesel station, the best models of which are represented in Ukraine by A.TOM company.

Key features

Pump-diesel station consist of a diesel engine and a special pump capable of working with the manure of a certain fraction. If you are going to transport unseparated manure, the pump can be equipped with a cutter.

The station is used not only for pumping fertilizers but also for their transportation to the place of application into the soil. When moving manure over long distances, could be used intermediate/booster stations that maintain the required pressure in the system.

Pump-diesel station is characterized by engine power, pump capabilities, nozzle diameter and performance. Especially productive are models that are capable of pumping up to 400 cubic meters of manure per hour, transporting it over a distance - 4 kilometers.

Rental and sale of pump-diesel stations in Ukraine

Sale and rental of pump-diesel station that is offered by A.TOM company, allows making the process of application the liquid fertilizer more efficient and rational, avoiding unnecessary expenses for transportation in tanks.