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Compost turner A.TOM

Such agricultural equipment as turner or compost aerator is quite popular in the agro-industrial sector. This equipment is necessary for tilling specially prepared dried organic substance (piles, manure) for its "transformation" into a valuable product for fertilizing - compost. A compost turner is worth buying for any enterprise which activity is related to the cultivation of agricultural products. Specialists of our store will help you to choose such equipment and answer any questions.

Features of the equipment

Piles turners have quite a simple principle of operation. They turn over the bulk material with a certain periodicity, oxygenate it and eliminate the accumulated carbon dioxide. It allows increasing the contact area of ​​future compost particles with oxygen. This equipment can regulate the temperature in the pile, which allows controlling the speed of aerobic processes. There is also the possibility of additional moistening of the substance using a special water supply system integrated into the system.

Water is an important element in chemical reactions in organics that makes possible to obtain compost of the highest quality. Compost turner has a trailed type of construction; it is powered from tractor's PTO or another type of special machinery. The equipment is distinguished by high performance, good efficiency, reliability, wear-resistance and simple maintenance. Turner - it is universal and functional equipment, which will allow you to receive valuable compost in unlimited volumes.