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How to make organic compost using a compost turner?

How to make organic compost using a compost turner?How to make organic compost using a compost turner?How to make organic compost using a compost turner?How to make organic compost using a compost turner?

The compost turner is a trailed equipment for the production of organic fertilizers (compost) from the waste of livestock farms, pig farms, poultry farms, horticultural and vegetable farms using the aerobic method. Suitable raw materials for this purpose are:

  1. Bedding and non-bedding cattle manure.
  2. Separated solid fraction of manure (cow or pig).
  3. Bird droppings with bedding (chicken, turkey).
  4. Straw and spoiled hay.
  5. Decayed feed and remnants of silage, haylage, pulp, wood chips, etc.

A.TOM company not only manufactures compost turners, but also introduces the practice of composting vegetable and animal waste at various agricultural enterprises of any size. This means that even if you have a small farm, you will be able to experience the benefits of producing natural organic fertilizer by using your farm's waste.

Compost turner and its role in the composting process

Today there are two ways of composting: anaerobic and aerobic. All models of turners produced by TM "A.TOM" create and maintain an aerobic environment in windrow. The aerobic method (with access to oxygen) is a natural process of converting organic waste into humus. The aerobic composting process generates a large amount of heat, the temperature rises to 65°C, and destroys pathogens, weed seeds, helminth larvae and parasites.

A compost turner is used in order to create an aerobic environment that is optimal for the life of microorganisms. It is powered by the tractor PTO and performs several important functions:

  • Uniform mixing and grinding of waste in windrows. This process is made by a specially designed drum with blades.
  • Complete elimination of CO2 accumulated in windrow and its replacement with O2. Testing the windrow for the level of carbon dioxide content, before and after turning, allows  to determine the efficiency of the compost turner.
  • Humidification with an inoculation system. Turning and spraying water helps to determine an optimal level of moisture in all layers of the windrow.
  • Acceleration of organic decomposition processes using an inoculant.

The functions of moisturizing and enrichment with bacteria to speed up the process of decomposition of the compostable material are provided using the inoculant introduction system, which consist of a tank for water and the container for the inoculant.

After 3-4 turnings, the smell disappears, the temperature in the windrow rises to + 60-65 ° C, weed seeds and pathogenic microorganisms die. We will receive the finished stabilized product - compost - in 35-40 days as a result of an average of 5-15 turnings. The compost turner thoroughly mixes the material, avoiding the pulverization of the humus structure, which is formed throughout the entire period of material composting.

Compost turners "A.TOM"

The Ukrainian manufacturer of equipment for the processing of organic waste offers trailed turners for compost production, which are aggregated with tractors from 120 hp. The range is represented by the following models:

  1. A.TOM 3000 - working width 3 meters, aggregated with tractors with power from 120 hp.
  2. A.TOM 2000 M - working width 2 meters, for tractors from 100 hp.
  3. A.TOM 2000 H - working width 2 meters. Compost turner is driven by the hydraulic system of low-power tractors or skid steer loaders, drive unit should have sufficient oil flow.
  4. A.TOM 3300 - working width - 3.3 meters, aggregated with tractors with a power of 130-150 hp. has a specific design of the drum and a unique geometry of the blades location.
  5. A.TOM 4600 - working width 4.6 meters is aggregated with tractors with power from 180 hp.

A.TOM 3000 and A.TOM 3300 models are capable of processing up to 40,000 tons of organic waste per year and are aggregated with tractors up to 150 hp, wide-cut models, such as A.TOM 4600 are capable of processing up to 100,000 tons of feedstock per year. And for low-power tractors of 100 hp. we offer A.TOM 2000 M model, designed for the processing of small volumes of waste (up to 10,000 ton / year).

Each of these models has been successfully tested on Ukrainian agricultural enterprises. Important advantages of A.TOM compost turners:

  • Productivity. A powerful rotary drum and the ability to raise the compost turner to the desired height allows to use the equipment in a variety of conditions and with almost any organic waste.
  • Reliability and durability of the main elements, reinforced frame design.
  • Easy maintenance. The rotor blades are conveniently fixed and can be easily replaced if required.
  • Excellent quality of finished compost. The special arrangement of the drum blades and the wide-open frame provide perfect aeration with even moisture.
  • Convenient transportation. A.TOM compost turners can be easily and safely transported over any terrain (dirt roads, highways, public roads, etc.) using a tractor.

If you have any questions our specialists are ready to travel to your enterprise and study the possibilities of composting.

Compost produced by A.TOM turners is a way to reduce the cost of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products.

High-quality compost is one of the real and successful ways to increase the fertility of our soils!!!