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Slurry hose reels

Comprehensive solution to the manure utilization and processing.



Hose mover A.TOM

Hose mover is a special kind of equipment designed for working with flat hoses. Hose mover is required for moving, unwinding and winding, as well as for temporary storage of lay-flat hoses. Depending on the needs of the customer, you can choose different types of hose movers:


Hose movers are an important element of special machinery during fertilizing, pumping out compost pits, as well as for solving other tasks. Trailed hose mover TM A.TOM can have different operating parameters depending on the model. At the same time, such equipment can hold from 8 to 12 flat hoses, each with a length up to 200 meters.

A hose mover is similar to a large “coil” onto which hoses are wound and unwound using special rollers. Rollers are necessary for the tension of flat hoses, as well as for removing manure residues and other substances by pressing. In addition, the rear roller ensures safe hose unwinding and helps to preserve the reducer coupling. The conveyor drive is carried out by a hydraulic motor, which is connected to the “coil” by a strong two-row chain.

Built-in safety valve system minimizes the possibility of hydraulic shock during conveyor operation. Hydraulic cylinders allow changing the direction of the hitch angle. It allows optimizing the processes of uniform winding of the hoses both in front and behind the mover.