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Manure hose reels “A.TOM”

Manure hose reels “A.TOM”Manure hose reels “A.TOM”Manure hose reels “A.TOM”Manure hose reels “A.TOM”

Manure hose reels represent agricultural equipment that is used as an integral part of the drag hose manure application, which allows making the utilization of the liquid fraction as organic fertilizers, by applying it directly into the soil. Manure hose reels are used to transport, store, roll up and roll down lay flat hoses. We offer hose reels manufactured by our own TM “A.TOM”, which have proven their efficiency in the fields.

Manure Hose reel A.TOM is designed in several modifications, with different capacities:

  • 1600 m hose reel. It carries up 8 lengths of 200 m hose with a diameter of 6 inches.
  • 1800 m hose reel. It carries up 9 lengths of 200 m hose with a diameter of 6 inches.
  • 2000 m hose reel. It carries up 10 lengths of 200 m hose with a diameter of 6 inches.
  • 2200 m hose reel. It carries up 11 lengths of 200 m hose with a diameter of 6 inches.
  • 2400 m hose reel. It carries up 12 lengths of 200 m hose with a diameter of 6 inches.

All models of hose reels have several technical features, which include:

  1. The stability and maneuverability of “A.TOM” manure hose reel, especially during off-road movement or in difficult field working conditions, is ensured due to the use of high-quality durable axles from one of the best European manufacturers – “TVZ” (Italy).
  2. Gerotor hydraulic motor “Danfoss” (Denmark). Such a device helps to increase the efficiency of rolling up and rolling down lay flat hoses, functioning even at low speeds.
  3. Hydraulic hoses. The efficiency of the hydraulic system is ensured by high-quality hydraulic hoses from the world's leading manufacturer - «Hansa-Flex» (Germany).
  4. The connection of the hydraulic motor with the shaft of the reel drum through a double-row chain. This is necessary to ensure high traction performance at maximum roll-up load.
  5. Tension roller. This design feature is responsible for the tight tension of the hoses during the winding process and helps to squeeze out the remaining manure. The rear roller prevents damage to the couplings, ensuring smooth and safe unwinding.
  6. A safety valve that prevents hydraulic shock in the system during the forced termination of the coil rotation.
  7. The hydraulic cylinder helps to change the position of the hitch angle in relation to the longitudinal axis of the tractor and the hose reel. It controls the uniform roll-up of lay-flat hoses both in front and behind the unit body.

Advantages of "A.TOM" Manure hose reel:

  • Putting the hose reel into operation does not take much time. This feature is extremely important during the application of liquid manure to the fields.
  • Optimal capacity. A.TOM offers hose reels in various sizes for operation at small, medium, and large livestock farms.
  • Efficient and smooth processes of hose roll up and roll down help to increase the productivity of the entire system of applying manure to the fields.
  • Design reliability. “A.TOM” uses heavy-duty axles and high-quality springs from the best European manufacturers, the frame and body are made of structural steel grades 09G2S and S355 J2. Tires with large diameters ensure smooth field movement even in the toughest conditions.
  • Careful roll-up and roll-down processes guarantee the durability of expensive lay-flat hoses.

“A.TOM” Manure hose reels were tested in real conditions at Ukrainian farms by our professional teams that provide drag hose manure application services. To buy or rent manure hose reels, call us or leave a request on the website.