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Backhoe loaders are quite functional machinery that can be used to perform the widest range of tasks. Standard and loading bucket could be used for:

 - digging holes and trenches;

 - loading and unloading of bulk products and raw materials;

 - transportation of grain etc.

A.TOM attachments for JCB 3CX, 4CX and other models of backhoe loaders will allow expanding the functionality of machinery. It could be used to perform "non-standard" tasks: uprooting stumps or remove snow in the winter.

In our company, you can buy a bucket for JCB 3CX, designed to work with rocks. It will allow extending the life of equipment performing construction and road works.

For making certain works, sometimes it is necessary to replace the standard buckets or plows with reinforced high-strength steel in order to guarantee the desired result. 

In our company, you can find a variety of attachments for all types of backhoe loaders, including:

 - road sweeping brushes for JCB 3CX and other trademarks;

 - rock buckets of high strength steel;

 - snow plows;

 - special grabs;

 - pneumatic drills for destruction of asphalt-concrete pavements and etc.

We can replace the standard loading bucket with a grading bucket (JCB 3CX), and ensure efficient and high-quality work. In winter, you can use backhoe loaders as a snowplow, and in summer you can use them to level gravel, for example, when building a road surface.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your machinery, our company will always be happy to help with the selection of necessary attachments. All products have been certified in Ukraine and fully complies with all norms and standards.