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General purpose bucket Evolution 1,5 m³

Attachments for special and agricultural machinery.

General purpose bucket Evolution 1,5 m³
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Since 2018 years
Basic steel S355


For telehandlers
For backhoe loader
For tractors
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Bucket Evolution 1,5 m³ Blade Hardox
Width 2375 mm
Height 974 mm
Depth 1335 mm
Weight 572 kg
Bucket Evolution 1,5 m³ Blade Hardox + Teeth
Width 2375 mm
Height 974 mm
Depth 1335 mm
Weight 594 kg
Bucket Evolution 1,5 м³ Blade Hardox + Changeable blade Hardox
Width 2375 mm
Height 974 mm
Depth 1335 mm
Weight 645 kg

Strengthened design


- Teeth

- Changeable blade

Pack-Trade company offers high-quality attachments from well-known manufacturers at affordable prices.


Professional buckets EVOLUTION TM "A.TOM" are made of high-strength steel and could be used in the widest range of tasks. The main purpose is  work with bulk products such as stones, gravel, grain, building materials and other. Universal buckets are demanded in construction, agriculture, industrial production, and municipal services.

Features & Benefits

Professional buckets EVOLUTION ТМ "A.ТОМ" are suitable for all models of modern machinery, and has such advantages as: • Closed box design at the top part of the bucket ensures the necessary strength at maximum loading during work. • At the base of the bucket is reinforced triangular box that improves stability and torsional resistance. • Rounded bottom part allows quickly load and unload the bucket. • Cutting edge of the bucket is made of high-strength steel 450 HB Hardox, that allows you to work with "problematic" soil, stones and similar materials. • Strengthening the bottom with longitudinal steel plates reduces the overall wear of the construction during operation. • Side walls are reinforced with a steel profile. • Reliable attachment hooks ensure fixation of the attachment on any type of excavator and loading machinery.