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Seo Alt
Seo Alt

Today, no one is surprised by the functionality of modern machinery, even an ordinary loader can be turned into efficient snow removal equipment, and an excavator can be turned into a drilling machine.

It became possible through the use of high-quality attachments, which A.TOM company offers in its widest range. Professional attachments for agricultural machinery will allow you to turn your tractor, loader, excavator into a universal and functional device. There is no need to buy additional units of expensive equipment, as you can “turn” an excavator into a loader in just a few minutes, simply by changing the appropriate attachments.

Requirements and types of attachments

The main requirements are the highest strength and resistance to wear. Often, attachments contact with ground, asphalt and other operating environments, therefore durability and long service life depend on its operating parameters.

So what kind of attachment is worth buying? The most popular in this category are:

• pneumatic hammers (used to destroy concrete, asphalt, reinforced concrete structures);

• stump pullers (uprooting residues from the ground);

• grabs for barrels, bales, pallets;

• buckets of various sizes (digging trenches);

• plows (snow removal in winter);

• forks (work with loads on pallets) and others.

The peculiarity of any quality attachments is the simplicity and ease of mounting. In this case, you can store unnecessary items in stock - they do not take much space. If necessary, you can replace one element with another quickly without having the appropriate qualifications.

Where you can buy it?

Buying attachments in A. TOM company, you will get:

• guarantee of quality;

• professional advice and help;

• warranty and post-warranty service;

• reasonable prices for high-quality and durable products.

For all questions, call the phone numbers listed on the website. Waiting for you!