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Since 2017
Basic steel S355
For forklifts

A shovel bucket for a forklift is a specialized attachment that has an additional mechanism of changing the angle of inclination. The main advantage of such a bucket is that it can accurately unload its contents.

A shovel bucket can easily grab and lift loads, and then safely dump them to the desired unloading location. The angle of inclination of the bucket can be adjusted depending on the type and characteristics of the load. It allows to improve the accuracy of loading and unloading, as well as reduces the time and effort spent on these operations.

Shovel buckets are used to handle different types of materials, including bulk materials such as sand, gravel, coal, grain, and bulky items such as wooden logs or building blocks. A shovel bucket is ideal for use on construction sites, ports, warehouses, and other places where quick and efficient handling of loads is important.

Main characteristics Shovel bucket - А.ТОМ 0,9 m³ ISO 2,3,4

Width1300 mm
Height1130 mm
Depth1575 mm
Weight520 kg
Volume0.9 m³


Video Shovel bucket - А.ТОМ 0,9 m³ ISO 2,3,4

Shovel bucket - А.ТОМ 0,9 m³ ISO 2,3,4
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