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Snow plow - А.ТОМ SP 3-1900 F

Attachments for special and agricultural machinery

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Since 2017
Basic steel S355


for Forklifts
Technical specification
Width 1870 mm
Height 790 mm
Depth 1160 mm
Weight 257 kg


Snow plow TM A.TOM is an excellent solution for cleaning snow and other bulk loads on the territory of the enterprise, factories and warehouses.

It could be quickly and easily mounted to the loader forks. Changing the angle of rotation is carried out mechanically.

Snow plow consists of a shovel, which is made of S355 structural steel and a blade. A rubber edge reinforced with polyamide fiber is used as a snow blade. The rubber plate protects the surface from the damage. The rubber edge of the plow could be replaced with a metal one.

You do not need to buy a snow cleaning machine; you just need to buy a snow plow on a forklift and the problem of cleaning the area will be solved.