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Since 2020
Basic steel S355
Lagoon mixer

Slurry mixing pump designed for mixing lagoons and pumping liquid slurry into barrels. ⭐ 15 m long. Required power from 170 hp ⏩ Pumping capacity into a tank 8 m³ / minute. Mixing volume from one point up to 20,000 m³

Main characteristics Manure (slurry) lagoon mixer pump - A.TOM MPL 1500

Length15 m
Mixing capacityup to 25 m³ / minute
Pumping capacity into a tank8 m³ / minute
Mixing volume from one pointup to 20,000 m³
Power170 h.p.
Weight3470 kg
Nozzle motion300°

Video Manure (slurry) lagoon mixer pump - A.TOM MPL 1500

Manure (slurry) lagoon mixer pump - A.TOM MPL 1500Manure (slurry) lagoon mixer pump - A.TOM MPL 1500Manure (slurry) lagoon mixer pump - A.TOM MPL 1500Manure (slurry) lagoon mixer pump - A.TOM MPL 1500
More information
1. Durability and reliable design
The body of the mixer with a length of 15 m is made of high-quality structural steel S355J2. The mixer is coated with a special polymer powder.
Миксер для лагун
2. "TVZ" / "ADR" axis (Italy)
The mixer has transportation wheels for moving between manure storage facilities and farms. Heavy-duty axle shafts of the best European manufacturer ensures the stability and ability to move in off-road condition.
Миксер для лагун
3. Telescopic "legs" and frame lifting
Extension and retraction of legs as well as the adjustment of raising and lowering of the frame are carried out with the help of hydraulic hoses. Deeping into the manure storage facility, the legs of the mixer extend, and the frame is raised in order not to touch or damage the edge of the manure storage facility. Lower the pump mixer frame with the help of hydraulics to fix the manure inlet at a height of 0.5 m below the surface of the manure.
Лагунный миксер
4. Spray nozzle with 300 degrees rotation
The rotation of the nozzle helps to break up the solids at different points in the manure storage facility. The nozzle can rotate 300 degrees and move up and down with hydraulic control levers.
лагунный миксер
5. "Bondioli & Pavesi" gearbox (Italy)
High performance and efficient mixing in big manure storage facilities (up to 25,000 m3) from a single point is made by using a powerful gearbox of a leading global brand.
Лагунный миксер
6. Central lubrication system
Oil seals and bearings in hard-to-reach places should be lubricated at certain intervals. The central lubrication system facilitates regular maintenance.
Лагунный миксер
7. Robust impeller
Located inside the aerodynamic housing at the bottom of the mixer. Driven by a gearbox. Impeller is used for suction the agitated liquid and deliver it to the spray nozzle. The impeller of the mixer is placed perpendicular to the bottom of the lagoon; it provides better mixing and suction of the liquid. A special grid protects the impeller against foreign objects.
Лагунный миксер
8. Control panel
The ergonomic control panel of the mixer pump hydraulic system allows the operator to activate all the mechanisms to perform all the functions of the mixer pump.
Лагунный миксер
9. "Danfoss" hydraulic motor (Denmark)
All models of A.TOM mixers have Danfoss hydraulic motors (the best manufacturer of hydraulic motors in the world) that provide the efficient performance of the functions and processes of the mixer.
Лагунный миксер
10. "Gates" hydraulic hoses (Germany)
Many functions of the mixer pump directly depend on the efficiency of the hydraulic system. Therefore, we have used reliable and high-quality hoses of a proven European manufacturer.
Лагунный миксер
11. Hydraulic valves "RIV" (Italy)
One of the most significant advantages of A.TOM mixer pump is the ability to pump into manure tanks for transportation or pumping into other tanks. This function is carried out using an overflow pipe and hydraulic valves, that feed or block the flow to the overflow pipe. The use of European valves "RIV" makes the work of a mixer more efficient.
Лагунный миксер
12. Overflow pipe
An overflow pipe in the upper part of the mixer makes the filling of mobile manure tanks. The mixer can perform mixing and pumping functions simultaneously or alternately.
Лагунный миксер
13. "Simol" jack (Italy)
Reliable and durable European-made jacks are designed for the convenient and safe operation of the mixer. Robust construction allows raising and fixing the mixer at a certain height for mounting to the tractor and activation, as well as for fixing it in a stable position after work has been completed.
Лагунный миксер
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