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Snow plows tm
Snow plows tm
Snow plows tm
Snow plows tm
Snow plows tm
Snow plows tm

In winter season, there could be some difficulties in traffic flow. Municipal services must provide timely and high-quality cleaning. You can use a road sweeper for cleaning snow on pavements, roads and work sites. But in the period of snowfall snow plows will be an indispensable attachment.

Pack-Trade company offers TM A.TOM snow plows, this high-quality, reliable and easy-to-maintain attachments could be used with almost any equipment you have. Also we can pick up a special adapter to synchronize it with the tractor, or any model of backhoe loaders and front loaders.

In our catalog you can find 3-position, 5-position TM A.TOM snow plows for forklift loader. These models effectively remove snow from roads, parking lots, yard areas, are designed for standard and high load, have hydraulic adjustment of rotation angle.

The TM A.TOM snow plows are made of a high-strength material that is resistant to aggressive environments and corrosion.
This attachment consists of a frame (main part), a shovel and a rubber scraper (plate). The scraper is replaceable; it is attached to the working edge of the snow removal construction; it doesn’t damage the road surface, road markings and street curbs. Scrapers are reinforced with polyamide fiber, which increases their strength and resistance to long-term loads, they are more resistant to mechanical abrasion than rubber ones.

3-position snow plow has a width - 2500-3000 mm and a rotation angle - 32 ', flow divertor placed on the upper part of the equipment prevents pouring the materials through the upper part of the working body.

5-position snow plow has a width - 2500-3000 mm and a rotation angle - 27 '. This type of snow plow is V-shaped (also called "butterfly") has 5 turning positions, which allows to work on the territory that have different width of the cleaned surface. It consists of two blades, so the snow could be effectively thrown in both directions.
When driving over to hatches, curbs and other bumps in the road, the collision absorption system prevents damage to these elements.
You can buy TM A.TOM snow plows by calling the sales managers of our online store. With this attachment, your backhoe loader will become a snow removal machine. Also we can offer various cleaning brushes and buckets up to 3-4 m2.