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Mechanization of agricultural processes concerning harvesting is annually improved with new units of machinery. However, not every farm could update the equipment every season, and there is usually no spare time for testing. In this case, it is profitable to rent special machinery and attachment - that will significantly save money and time. PACK-TRADE company offers rental services with delivery to any place.

Сбор тюков тройным захватом

Efficient bales harvesting

Equipment for different types of bales is selected individually. In particular, rectangular (square) bales have a number of advantages over round ones:

• Comfortable transportation. Its shape is suitable for compact placement on the platform and further transportation to the place of storage.

• Time saving. The larger the bales, the less time telehandler will spend in the field (if triple grab is available). In addition, oversized rectangular bales allow to use the carrying capacity of agricultural machinery in the most efficient way.

• Storing. Square bales are easy to locate indoors to minimize the effects of weather and preserve the nutritional value of the hay.

So, one of the key features of square bales is their weight and large dimensions. The latter is an advantage, because the fewer bales in the field, the less time is spent for its harvesting. This aspect is one of the most important, because the rain is the worst thing for bales. Moisture significantly degrades the quality of the silage, causes rotting. This is why the speed factor during harvesting plays a significant role and requires new technological solutions.

Укладка тюков - тройной захват

TM "A.TOM" has created a special hydraulic grab for square bales, which significantly optimizes the work in the field. Among the main advantages are:

• Possibility to fix one, two or three bales up to 2.5 m long and weighing up to 600 kg.

• Secure fixation without damaging the bale thanks to 24 crescent teeth made of wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel.

• Dense stacking of bales in several levels, both lengthwise and across, without binding.

• Significant savings of fuel and consumables by minimizing the driving of vehicles across the field.

• Fully compatible with telehandlers and wheel loader.

Such grab can both load the platform on the field and unload it for further storage of bales on covered areas. It is possible thanks to two hydraulic cylinders in combination with a reliable design.

Телескопический погрузчик и платформа для тюков в поле

Advantages of special machinery renting

PACK-TRADE company offers a wide range of machinery and attachments to ensure a full cycle of harvesting the hay, straw, alfalfa: telehandlers and wheel loaders, balers, machinery for bales transportation, platforms, forks and grabs. Rent of special machinery has the following advantages:

• Delivery of any equipment across Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

• No need to search for qualified operators, because we will provide a technical staff.

• Guarantee of continuous operation.

• Free service support.

• Transparent pricing.

The rental of special machinery and attachments is the significant savings for small and medium-sized farms, and opportunity to test the equipment. PACK-TRADE is your reliable partner in implementing operational decision!

Тройной захват для тюков и телескопический погрузчик