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Since 2020
Basic steel S355
For excavators

Grading bucket - А.ТОМ 2400 is an indispensable attachment, used for site preparation, earthwork, and grading. Designed to be used in the construction industry to distribute soil and create a smooth surface on construction sites and roadways. Also could be used in agriculture for soil leveling, field preparation before sowing or after harvesting; in quarrying for the extraction of ore, stones, and other materials; to create the profile of the bottom of reservoirs, and also designed for working with channels and waterways. Grading bucket helps to save time and worker efforts. Clearing and planning tasks can be completed faster, at the same time increasing the productivity of work processes.

Main characteristics Grading bucket - А.ТОМ 2400

Width2400 mm
Height1265 mm
Depth583 mm
Weight1120 kg
Volume1.2 m³



Video Grading bucket - А.ТОМ 2400

Grading bucket - А.ТОМ 2400
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