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Silage blade (heavy-duty)

Attachments for special and agricultural machinery.

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Since 2020 years
Basic steel S355


For telehandlers
For wheel loaders
For tractors
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Technical specification
Width 3096 mm
Height 1370 mm
Depth 536 mm
Weight 483 kg



Silage blade «А.ТОМ» Width - 3096 mm. Height - 1370 mm. Depth - 536 mm. Weight - 483 kg.

Thanks to the special design of the blade it could be used during harvesting silage and haylage. The height and width of the blade was specially designed to capture and level the green mass at the silaging site. Also, with the help of silage blade, you will be able to form driveways for equipment in the fields and level unsurfaced road. Heavy-duty replaceable blades are made of wear-resistant Hardox 450 steel. Blade is aggregated with tractors from 150 hp up to 400 hp.