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Since 2018
Basic steel S355
For telehandlersFor wheel loadersFor tractors

Grain pusher with extension (4 m) - А.ТОМ 2500 – an attachment that is aggregated with loaders and tractors, designed for moving and raking grain, fodder, silage, snow, sand, and other loose materials. Optimal rigidity and reliability are achieved by frame thickness and design features. The extension allows to increase the reach of the loader boom and move loads in the premises close to the walls, thereby optimizing the use of storage areas, speeding up their cleaning, and organizing their rational operation. 

Main characteristics Grain pusher with extension (4 m) - А.ТОМ 2500

Width2500 mm
Height990 mm
Depth340 mm
Weight694 kg
Extension4000 mm

Video Grain pusher with extension (4 m) - А.ТОМ 2500

Grain pusher with extension (4 m) - А.ТОМ 2500
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