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Bale grab

Attachments for special and agricultural machinery

Bale grab
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Since 2018
Basic steel S355


For telehandlers
For wheel loaders
For tractors
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Technical specifications
Width1200 mm
Height1240 mm
Depth1590 mm
Weight296 kg


Bale grab
Bale grab
Bale grab
Bale grab
Bale grab
Bale grab
Bale grab
Bale grab
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Grab for bales is designed for lifting, transporting and stacking bales of hay and straw. This attachments provide cost-effective and efficient work. With the help of such attachments you can easily lift, transport and stack heavy round bales. Easy to install on both telehandlers and front loaders.

A.TOM grab consists of a high-strength frame and a tubular profile with curved legs repeating the shape of round bales. Absence of sharp corners and smooth bends do not damage the packaging film and carefully takes the bale. Could be mounted on JCB front loaders and telehandlers. Load capacity - 800 kg. A uniform compression of the paws ensures fixation of the rolls during transportation.