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A.TOM demonstrated new attachments at СomunTech exhibition

On October 19-21, in International Exhibition Center was held a key industry event in the field of housing and utilities - "СommunTech" exhibition. Among the guests and speakers were representatives of state and executive authorities, entrepreneurs, scientists, industry leaders, investors, domestic and foreign experts. A.TOM company also took part in this exhibition, as for many years our company is a supplier of basic and premium attachments in Ukraine and abroad.

At the International Congress "Institutional and technical aspects of reforming the housing and communal services" were discussed such topical issues as the application of the best world practices in housing and communal services, as well as the improvement of management systems and energy efficiency problems in Ukrainian construction.

А.ТОМ на КоммунТех

The total exposition was 17,000 m2, where industry leaders from 12 countries demonstrated the latest solutions and developments.

Навесное оборудование А.ТОМ в Киеве